Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Once again, this blog is behind.  It really is the story of my life (even my children were overdue!!), but I'm here!  YAY - and relatively unscathed from December.   The month started off with a bang and was a marathon race right up until Christmas Eve. 

December 4th I had the pleasure in taking part in a fundraising event called Shopping and Sweets.  It was the collaboration of Rebecca Stanisic http://www.bitofmomsense.com/ and Gwen Leron http://www.naylanaturalcare.com/, two absolutely wonderfully driven and successful ladies looking to bring women entrepreneurs together for an exculsive shopping event while raising money for a good cause. 

They approached me sometime in November to be their exclusive "sweets" sponsor.  Basically all of the money raised from the purchase of my goodies would go towards the charity of choice.  In this case it was the Ottawa Christmas Exchange.  I didn't hesitate.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get out and meet some fellow entrepreneurs while being able to give back to the community. 

I decided that cupcakes were the best treat of choice.  They're decadent, affordable and portable :)  I put my head together with my handy, dandy, hubby assistant and came up with our flavors of choice - red velvet, chocolate caramel, pumpkin spice, very vanilla, double chocolate and ebony and ivory..something for everyone.

Rebecca and Gwen made an appearance on Rogers Daytime to promote the event.  I was asked to go but unfortunately was knee deep in flour and icing sugar.  Above is a photo of the cupcakes that I sent to the show.  Apparently they were enjoyed by all!

 We baked and iced over 300 cupcakes for the 3 hour event and we sold out!

Over $1200 was raised that day for the Ottawa Christmas Exchange.  An absolutely wonderful way to start off the holiday season - a true "feel good" experience and I hope to be asked to participate again next year.  Working with Rebecca and Gwen was wonderful and I'm so pleased to have met them!

The rest of December was just as crazy.  Bookings for cakes, cupcakes and cookies were overwhelming at times.  During the last 3 weeks of December, over 780 handpainted sugar cookies were created, along with over 400 cupcakes...not to mention the regular cake bookings! 

                                                 And we survived.......

There are a few sore muscles and bags under the eyes but it was worth every sleepless night!

2011 has started off with a BANG.  There hasn't been a usual slow period yet - which is AWESOME!  This "cake" opportunity has changed my life.  I've been so blessed to not only be part of special occasions, but to meet some seriously awesome people and make many new friends.  It's amazing what kind of relationships can blossom out of "sweet" talk :)

Thankyou to every customer, old and new, who helped make this year my most successful.  My facebook group is climbing to 1000 and the feedback from my fan page is extremely positive.  I feel truly blessed and am grateful for each new opportunity!  I look forward to contributing to more happy times this year, meeting more amazing people, and reaching new 'cake' heights!

Eventually, I will get that wedding cake post up....I promise :)


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