Friday, September 30, 2011

A Day In the Life Of.....

Over the course of the past few years, I've often been asked "How do you do it?"....more recently, I've heard "I don't know how you do it!!"....I really haven't considered myself "super" anything and never really sat down to analyze my normal every day routine.  I honestly spend the majority of my time in some sort of fog...which probably is the one thing that keeps me sane....

Ok, let's disect: I make cakes (ALOT of cakes), I'm a mom (to two amazing little people), I have a home, a dog, a guinea pig and an 18 year old cockatiel...thank goodness I put my fishtank away or else it would be full too...I think part of my personality is to overload everything...including myself :)  Nothing is small...I'd have more kids if I didn't think that it would give my inlaws an complete coronary and I'd have more dogs if my husband would just nod his head yes (ok, who am I kidding - when do I ever ASK for anything...I just "do") hahaha!

So, in an effort to explain a typical day in the land of Julie - I decided to a breakdown.  Apparently this is supposed to help myself as well.  According to my mother, I need to keep track of my activities to avoid burnout.  Hello mom - burnout was last year??!!!

My days change - well...daily :)  Some days the kids have extra curriculars and some days are supply days where there's running around picking up items for the weeks orders.  Most days I don't know what day it actually is.  Hence, forgetting an appointment or an important phone consultation...oops!

Here we go:

A Julie Day:

5:30 am - first alarm...try to open eyes hit snooze
6:00 am - drag butt out of bed - negotiate a workout
6:15am - with coffee in hand head down to workout room and kill myself for 40 minutes
6:55am - check email briefly - post some random complaint on facebook
7:00am - head upstairs to face a grumpy child who refuses to get her butt out of bed and wants to negotiate hitting mother like daughter
7:15am - wake up child number 2 who is luckily a morning person
7:30 am - kitchen - breakfast for child 1 and 2 - make school lunch for child 1 - pack backpack and out the door
7:55 am - drive and drop off child one at school....still haven't had coffee #2..not cool
8:01am - home with child 2 who whines for more food...a constant battle through out the day..need to feed myself
8:15 am - email backlog...catch up on phone calls...make supply list, work on sketches - oops forgot to shower...eeeewww...
10:00 am - prioritize orders for the week and start baking
11:00am - feed child 2 lunch - pack snack - schoolbag
11:50am - drop off child 2 at school
12:00am - try to eat something supportive...ok..
12:15am. - back to work...molding...creating...getting dirty...
2:15 pm - pick up child 1 and 2 from school...
2:40 pm - jet home grab child 1's gear for riding and off to stable..
3:30 pm - at stable - listening to child 2 whine for food...(I do feed him)....trying to watch child 1's lesson while answering messages on my BB...
5:00 pm - leave stable
5:30pm - dinner....
6:30 - supply run
7:30 - bedtime routine...and they want mommy
8:30 - bake, bake, bake
11 pm - crash...

if this were a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, my day would start at 5am and end at around 1am...I'd have to factor in hockey too...and deliveries...somewhere in there I need to factor in my house duties...not sure where they fit in...

That's just a tiny's not that bad....Nothing different than most working/stay at home mom's do...

We should all be looking at each other saying - "How do WE do it!"

Now I'm going to go paint some eyeballs on my eyelids and pretend that I'm awake...

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