Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Crazy Summer

I've been feeling so neglectful toward this blog!  I knew when I decided to start keeping an online journal that I'd eventually fall off the map for awhile.  Obviously it didn't take very long....There's little spare time when you work at least 6 days a week baking, molding and mixing...Not to mention trying to balance school pickups and dropoffs, horseback riding lessons, gymnastics, meet the teacher nights, wedding cake consults and supply runs.  I'm sure I'm missing something there......oh time :)  But that rarely exists!

Anyhow I've finally found a spare few moments.  Acutally I'm just taking a breather. I really should be working as it's a Thursday - and anyone in the baking world knows how important a Thursday is.  I'll just end up tacking on an extra hour tonight :)

This summer has been INSANE.  Wonderful...yet stressful at times.  After all, when you're creating a very important part of a wedding day (ahem..the cake!), there's a little bit of pressure involved.  And, this has been one busy wedding season.  In all honestly, it isn't even over yet.  Fall weddings are just as prominent as summer weddings now.  Beautiful colours and tolerable temperatures make for absolutley gorgeous backdrops for photos and endless possibilities in style.  I just LOVE the rich colours of fall!!

Below is a recap of a few of my favorite summer wedding cakes from this past season.....In my next post - I'll outline some important tips to consider when planning your wedding cake.  Now - back to work :)

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